Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AJ Playing

Well, AJ is of course loving play time. He is so close to crawling, but just not quite there. He did learn how to pull himself up in his crib, so the minute he sits, he tries to climb back up.

Here are a few pictures of play time!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally...A Good Dr. Appointment!

Thank Heaven for Augmentin!

We went back to the doctor yesterday for an ear re-check (for the ear infections that wouldn't die!). There is no more infection!!! 7 weeks later, and the infections are finally gone! There was still fluid behind his eardrums, but that should go away on its own! We will be following up in a month to make sure the fluid has cleared itself out!

And, the re-check for the hemoglobin levels went well too! His level went from a 9.7 to 12.2, so that is in the normal range! Thank God!

So, now we just go back in 1 month and then back for his 1 year check up! I can't believe that his one year check up is already on the calendar!

As far as evertyhing else is going...AJ is doing very well! Still not crawling, but can definitely get where he wants to go. He crawls backwards and rolls around to get where he needs to be. He is trying to pull himself up on things too.

His latest expressions include the "fish face" and "fluttering" his eyes. Both are to die for!

Andy and I went out for dinner last night to Wildfire to celebrate Valentine's Day, and had a great time...although once 9:30 hit we wanted to get the heck out and get home to sleep since AJ has been waking up at 5:30am! Luckily, as a treat, he woke up at 6:30, and once he came in our room, just snuggled and went back to sleep until 7:30!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to us!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

AJ's 9 Months Stats

Well, I had what I am calling a mommy day! It was the best...I just got to be a mom for a day...I took the day off of work due to AJ's doctor's appointment being in the middle of the day, and just spent all day loving him!

Since we had not had the 9 month pictures done yet, I went and had those done. He would not nap this morning, so I decided to throw him in the car and go. Of course, one block away from home and he falls asleep in the car seat. But, I had no choice but to still go for the pictures with the doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Needless to say, he was not the most smiley child after being woken up for pictures! He didn't cry, but he was VERY serious.

The doctor's appointment went as to be expected...I don't think we will ever make it out of an appointment with the doctor saying "everything's great" see you in 3 months. Anyways, on the good side, he is a strapping 22 lbs, 5 ounces and 27 3/4 inches. So, he is definitely growing and thriving. He got 2 shots and was not happy.

At this visit, they checked on his skull fracture and everything looks good. They checked on his ears (from the lingering double ear infections from Christmas), and he STILL has them. So, another antibiotic and a re-check in another 2 weeks. On top of the ears, they did a toe prick to check hemaglobin levels, and his was on the low side (which I guess could mean he is anemic), but they are going to test him again since we will be returning in 2 weeks.

The entire doctor's office knows us there! Between his pneumonia, his organ switcheroo scare, and the skull fracture, we have seen every doctor and every nurse at least twice! I said, he is growing and thriving and happy! Which, is all that is important to me...a little ear infection here and there and you wouldn't even know it!

Well, time for bed...wish my mommy day could last all week, but it's back to work tomorrow (that is if day care doesn't close because of bad weather--which I am secretly hoping for!).

Monday, February 4, 2008

Angry Consumer

I have found that being an angry consumer can really pay off. Just last week, I opened 3 jars of baby food that were spongy-like to the eye. I simply sent a quick email to Gerber, and today I received 6 coupons in the mail to replace the jars and then some for free baby food. It can never hurt to voice your opinion...I have had similar instances in many other areas as well! We won't even talk about the milk shake that was given to me melting, and dripped all over me and my car!

Anyways, just a tip to always let a manufacturer/company know if you are unhappy with their products/services, they will usually try to rectify it to your benefit to keep you!