Friday, February 20, 2009

Audrey is Almost 1 Month!

Life is starting to get to the new normal around here. Audrey is doing great. She has transitioned into her crib and sleeps from about 10-4 in the crib, then wakes up for a bottle, and I bring her to snuggle with me for a few more hours of shut-eye!

AJ is adjusting extremely well. He loves giving her kisses and helping feed her bottles. Anything he sees that is pink, he takes to her, assuming it is hers!

At first, he tried to get in the baby toys (bouncy seat, glider, swing), but now he realizes that if the baby sits in them, then Mommy is free to PLAY! So, now, he tries to pick Audrey up and put her in all the toys so we can play.

Every night he watches her get her bath, patiently (for the most part) waiting for his own bath. He then kisses her and says, "Night-night baby Audey". He can't quite get the "R" in her name.

We gave Cosmo up to a foster home and the foster mom says he is doing well. I have been checking the website to see if there is an adoption pending, but not yet. His foster home is a great place with 2 other pugs, so we know that he is better off there. Tini has adjusted extremely well with being an "only dog" and we are enjoying him. AJ loves getting Tini to chase him around the house (without gates!).

Here are some fun pics from the last month!
Family Picture at the Hospital

AJ & Audrey on Audrey's 1st Day Home

AJ sitting in the Bouncy Seat

Sweet Big Brother Kisses

Tini Enjoying Free-Reign of the House...a little too much...he's not allowed in AJ's chair (per AJ!)