Sunday, March 22, 2009

Audrey is 2 Months Today...CRAZY!

It's hard to believe that Audrey is 2 months as of today! We go for the 2 month check up on Tuesday and are excited to find out how big she has gotten (not so excited to start the shots!). We have been having fun this past month and trying to enjoy the outdoor weather. The highlight was a trip to Peoria for Uncle Nick's 30th Birthday!
I will be going back to work April 1st, and it has snuck up on me. Since I have been doing alot of work on my maternity leave, I am not really ready to go back yet. I will be working Monday-Thursday, and have every Friday off to be with AJ and Audrey.
AJ laying around on a Saturday
Watching a movie with Tini
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Audrey Sporting her Green!
Sleeping...right before the smile above
In Peoria...On a walk with Grandpa & Natalie
AJ & Audrey hanging out on Grandma & Grandpa's Bed
AJ & Mommy...I look so cool with these shades!
At the CAT playground in Peoria