Saturday, September 29, 2007

Striking Resemblance

So, Andy I watched our engagement video this evening with all the pictures of us growing up. It was FRIGHTENING when the first picture came up and it looked identical to AJ! Yes, it was a picture of Andy...not me!

AJ looks exactly like Andy did when he was an infant...

Just thought I would share...

Not much going on here today!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Well...It has been a busy week for us! With working and the weather getting cooler, life is starting to change. AJ has slept through the night now for a couple weeks in a row. He has discovered that he can chew on just his thumb (which luckily he does not suck, just chews for now), and has also discovered some new facial expressions with using his tongue and has become fond of pouting his lower lip (which kills me by the way).

This picture was taken on Thursday evening when I was out in my swing for the very first time! Thank you Grandpa Paul for getting me my swing...I had fun! The neighbor girl came over and watched me swing and played with Cosmo while we were outside.

This week, we put together the jump-a-roo, which has been very entertaining and a great new addition to the family room. AJ spent a nice morning with Grandma Leanne and Grandpa Joe and went out to breakfast! He will be spending Sunday with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Paul because Andy and I are going to the White Sox game. He loves spending time with all of his grandparents and family.

AJ now eats squash, carrots, oatmeal, rice cereal and green beans! Tomorrow he will start peas, and in a few days he will have sweet potatoes, and then he has been introduced to all the first vegetables and we can start fruits! Luckily no allergies yet! Squash is his favorite and rice cereal seems to be the least appealing to him.

School sent home his folder with is "artwork" and he painted an apple! The teachers put paint all over his hands, and let him basically bang and rub his hands on the paper and then they cut it into an apple shape! His little update said that everyone loves him and they have fun "talking" to him and watching his facial expressions!

I started a new mom's group/bible study this week and really enjoyed it! It will be a 7 week thing and something I will look forward to every Tuesday (even though I will have to miss The Biggest Loser)!

October will be busy for us, but we are looking forward to all the fun in store! We are going to Oktoberfest, my college friends are all coming to Naperville for a little reunion, we have 3 family birthdays, and somewhere in there, we are trying to make plans for a trip to Peoria to visit Tanner's apple orchard to go apple picking. Not to mention Halloween...AJ will be dressed as a monkey and we just got the costume and it is ADORABLE!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

AJ's First Blog

Well, I am trying something new to inform everyone of all the things AJ has been doing!

This is my first blog, and I'm not sure if I will like it or not. Only people I invite can view it, so no need to be nervous on the world knowing our business.

Well, last night I went to check on AJ around 4am when he was making noise, and to my surprise, he was on his tummy!!!! I let him sleep like that for a little while and then rolled him back over. Then 15 minutes later, Andy went to check on him, and he was back on his tummy!

He is very proud that he can now rollover!

Grandpa Paul and Uncle Matt came over this morning and helped Daddy cut down some trees, and AJ was enjoying being outside with this nice weather!

Along with rolling over, AJ now eats real baby food! He has been having rice cereal for a while, but now eats oatmeal, squash, and we added carrots today! He is such a big boy, and now is in the same size diaper as his cousin Abby!

Well...hope you enjoyed the update today! I will try to update this every once in a while to let everyone know what is going on in AJ's busy life!!!