Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here is what we have been up to....

Here is AJ in the CAT playground in Peoria.
AJ outside Great-Grandma Ruby's Nursing Home.

AJ eating a cupcake on his Birthday, Sunday April 27thAJ in his Weiner-Mobile at his Birthday Party
AJ's Cake...My friend Carrie made looked AMAZING and tasted even better! We were very upset when Ants invaded our house and we weren't able to eat every last bite!

AJ eating a cupcake at his Party.
AJ Post-Cupcake at the Party
AJ after a bath on Party Night...he was EXHAUSTED!

Katie & John on their wedding day...GORGEOUS!

Andy and AJ at Katie & John's Wedding

Me & AJ at Katie's Wedding

AJ Playing in a Birthday Toy...a Pool Activity Center

AJ & Grandma in Chicago at Millenium Park

AJ Playing in the Fountain at Millenium Park

AJ Eating an Ice Cream Cone after a Long Day in the City...Thanks for sharing Grandma!

AJ Swimming with Grandpa in the Pool in the City..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Lives!

Sorry I have been bad about posting...check back this week. I took tomorrow off, so will hopefully get some pictures and updates up...lots has been going on!

AJ is ONE! He had a party! He is also walking everywhere and does not want to be carried anymore. No more bottles, he goes to bed awake on his own at has changed alot for us in the month and half since the last post!