Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maggie Vs. Domesticity

So, I was very proud of myself and went to the store to plan new meals for the week. I love crockpot meals in the fall. I prepped the ingredients last night and put them in the crock pot this morning. I come home and find that our power went out 5 hours prior to me arriving home...DINNER RUINED! No more beef stroganoff and the $15 of ingredients down the drain!

Monday, October 20, 2008

3 Pumpkin Patches!

We have toured the state and gone to three different pumpkin patches / apple orchards. Each one was lots of fun and they were all very different! AJ was able to enjoy the fall (summer) weather and pick out pumpkins with both sets of Grandparents!
Johansen Farm, Bolingbrook, IL
Ooooh...a tiny baby chick...
I touched it with ONE finger...nice and gentle...I'm going to make a great big brother!
I was watching a mama goat with her babies...
Me & Grandma on a hay ride!
Hay ride! Not so rural with the houses in the background...
Kuipers Family Farm, not sure where, ILLINOIS
This was a yummy apple!
Family Photo
Hay stack maze
Tractor Time!
These tires were fun to climb on!
Corn sand box...
Tanners, Speer, IL (Peoria)
Me & Grandpa at the Pumpkin Patch
This is fun!
I was tired of walking through all the pumpkins...time to get a ride!

Catching Up...

Sitting with my cousin Abby at the Last was a fun day!
I'll help you unload your old dresser...

Dear Mom, Please do not make me wait so long for my bath tomorrow night...when I'm ready, I'm READY! PS...I need more bubbles for my bath bubble machine