Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things are still busy around here, but we are trying to enjoy the summer weather now that it is finally here! AJ is talking more every day, and Audrey rolls over in both directions, loves eating her fruits & vegetables, and sleeps through the night about every other night. We are getting there!!!! We have lots of fun things coming up this summer and will be getting to spend lots of time with friends, family and lots of new babies!

Here are some pics..

White Sox Game

Audrey at the River Walk Downtown Naperville

AJ & Grandpa Paul feeding the ducks

AJ playing on the deck in his pool

AJ Playing in the fountain Downtown Naperville

Me & my Mom going to Ellen at The Chicago Theater

Tini...being a good dog, relaxing in the yard

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Summer!

Well, we have been quite busy! That would explain the lack of posts. I have been updating Facebook, so I think most people who look at this are on FB, so this may be nothing new. Audrey is just over 4 months! Until 2 nights ago, she was still getting up 3 times / night. But the past 2 nights have been much better...she is finally sleeping from 8pm-4 or 5am!!!! The doctor ordered us to stop the night time feedings. We have been giving her cereal and fruits and veggies, so that might be helping with the sleep too! She loves her food!!!!
AJ is a great big brother, and loves all things Audrey! He turned 2 a month ago and I still don't know where the time went!!! It makes me sad to think that he is growing up so quickly! We are enjoying every minute of it! I think 2 is a great age (despite the tantrums that come with the age!).
These pictures are on FB, but here are a couple:

AJ's 2 Year Picture
AJ checking on Audrey...

Audrey in her Baptismal Gown--3 Months

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Audrey is 2 Months Today...CRAZY!

It's hard to believe that Audrey is 2 months as of today! We go for the 2 month check up on Tuesday and are excited to find out how big she has gotten (not so excited to start the shots!). We have been having fun this past month and trying to enjoy the outdoor weather. The highlight was a trip to Peoria for Uncle Nick's 30th Birthday!
I will be going back to work April 1st, and it has snuck up on me. Since I have been doing alot of work on my maternity leave, I am not really ready to go back yet. I will be working Monday-Thursday, and have every Friday off to be with AJ and Audrey.
AJ laying around on a Saturday
Watching a movie with Tini
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Audrey Sporting her Green!
Sleeping...right before the smile above
In Peoria...On a walk with Grandpa & Natalie
AJ & Audrey hanging out on Grandma & Grandpa's Bed
AJ & Mommy...I look so cool with these shades!
At the CAT playground in Peoria

Friday, February 20, 2009

Audrey is Almost 1 Month!

Life is starting to get to the new normal around here. Audrey is doing great. She has transitioned into her crib and sleeps from about 10-4 in the crib, then wakes up for a bottle, and I bring her to snuggle with me for a few more hours of shut-eye!

AJ is adjusting extremely well. He loves giving her kisses and helping feed her bottles. Anything he sees that is pink, he takes to her, assuming it is hers!

At first, he tried to get in the baby toys (bouncy seat, glider, swing), but now he realizes that if the baby sits in them, then Mommy is free to PLAY! So, now, he tries to pick Audrey up and put her in all the toys so we can play.

Every night he watches her get her bath, patiently (for the most part) waiting for his own bath. He then kisses her and says, "Night-night baby Audey". He can't quite get the "R" in her name.

We gave Cosmo up to a foster home and the foster mom says he is doing well. I have been checking the website to see if there is an adoption pending, but not yet. His foster home is a great place with 2 other pugs, so we know that he is better off there. Tini has adjusted extremely well with being an "only dog" and we are enjoying him. AJ loves getting Tini to chase him around the house (without gates!).

Here are some fun pics from the last month!
Family Picture at the Hospital

AJ & Audrey on Audrey's 1st Day Home

AJ sitting in the Bouncy Seat

Sweet Big Brother Kisses

Tini Enjoying Free-Reign of the House...a little too much...he's not allowed in AJ's chair (per AJ!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Girl Scheduled to Arrive on Thursday

I have been awful about posting, but we are very excited for the arrival of our baby girl. She was due on January 15th, but is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, January 22nd. AJ is going to make a great big brother...he has no idea what he is in for, but we are pretty sure he is aware that something big is happening.

We have been letting him sit in the new double stroller with the infant carrier in front of him with his "newborn" cabbage patch. He feeds the cabbage patch doll a bottle too! But usually puts the baby away after just a few minutes of playing with him...he will quickly realize that the new baby girl cannot just be put away.

We still have not decided on a name for our baby girl, so we will even be surprised when we see her and pick the name that fits.

Here are some pictures from the holidays...I will post pictures of the baby girl as soon as she arrives!

AJ on Christmas Morning
AJ & Grandpa at Breakfast with Santa

Family Photo at Breakfast with Santa

Eating an orange on Christmas in my Robe!

Christmas Morning...Gifts from Santa

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I know i have been terrible about posting and I am so sorry! Here are some fun recent pictures...

AJ & Daddy watching Football

At the Thanksgiving Day Parade-Chicago (with Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Jack and cousin Natalie)

AJ & Cousin Natalie

Dad, If I wear my tie, can I come to work with you?

Santa Train with Cousin Abby
Me & Grandma after the traumatic encounter with Santa
AJ, Grandma and Granpa
Crying while Santa came by...Please someone get me out of here!
I really enjoyed the train, just as long as Santa was no where near me!
AJ, Mommy and Aunt Amy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maggie Vs. Domesticity

So, I was very proud of myself and went to the store to plan new meals for the week. I love crockpot meals in the fall. I prepped the ingredients last night and put them in the crock pot this morning. I come home and find that our power went out 5 hours prior to me arriving home...DINNER RUINED! No more beef stroganoff and the $15 of ingredients down the drain!